1:1 Sessions


A mainstay of my 20+ year practice has been doing individual animal communication sessions.  Because of my experience and expertise I am able to hone these sessions down to no more than a generous and efficient 40 minutes, allowing you to move on in a timely manner armed with the information you need.


These sessions are for you if:

  • You are good with your animals but you’ve run up against a brick wall and need help

  • You have important questions about how to make your animal’s life better but you don’t have a ton of time and need to get directly to the answer 

  • You know this isn’t a medical or training issue

  • Things seem to be off between you and your animal pal and you want to restore balance in the relationship

  • If you have recently lost an animal or want to be in touch with an animal who has transitioned

“We have utilized Janet’s services for over a decade and have been able to connect with our dogs and help them with various issues from bath time to training sessions to thunderstorm fears; but we were never so grateful for Janet’s services when we needed to help one of our dogs as he was beginning his journey to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We knew he was fading and we also knew that he needed to hear that we would be okay. Janet helped us through the most difficult moment of being a pet caregiver and the communication ended up being a very beautiful way for us to begin our goodbyes.”
— Jennifer
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These sessions support you to: 

  • Get a grasp on what’s happening according to your animal pal’s perspective

  • Look at things through a new and different lens

  • Bring more mindfulness and compassion into your relationship

  • Be on ‘the same page’ as your animal pal


What you need to know:

  • This is for you and one animal pal

  • Before the session email me a front facing picture of your animal pal taken within 48 hours of the session, their name, age, gender and a brief history

  • For an Angel Animal send me your favorite picture of them, their name, age, gender and a brief history

  • We meet for one 40 minute phone call