1:1 Sessions


A mainstay of my 20+ year practice has been doing individual animal communication sessions.  Because of my experience and expertise I am able to hone these sessions down to no more than a generous and efficient 40 minutes, allowing you to move on in a timely manner armed with the information you need.


These sessions are for you if:

  • You are good with your animals but you’ve run up against a brick wall and need help

  • You have important questions about how to make your animal’s life better but you don’t have a ton of time and need to get directly to the answer 

  • You know this isn’t a medical or training issue

  • Things seem to be off between you and your animal pal and you want to restore balance in the relationship

  • If you have recently lost an animal or want to be in touch with an animal who has transitioned

Wanted to let you know that I am fully focused on breathing when with Lily.  She seems to like it, but the biggest difference is with Mia!  She does not let us touch her for more than a minute and I have been able to groom her and even work a significant knot out of her mane at liberty!  I found an equine chiropractor to work on Liky too.  More to come.  Thank you!
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These sessions support you to: 

  • Get a grasp on what’s happening according to your animal pal’s perspective

  • Look at things through a new and different lens

  • Bring more mindfulness and compassion into your relationship

  • Be on ‘the same page’ as your animal pal


What you need to know:

  • This is for you and one animal pal

  • Before the session email me a front facing picture of your animal pal taken within 48 hours of the session, their name, age, gender and a brief history

  • For an Angel Animal send me your favorite picture of them, their name, age, gender and a brief history

  • We meet for one 40 minute phone call