An Audience With The Advisory Council

Ted, Rave Shiloh.png

Have you arrived at a crossroads in your life where everything is clear as mud? I bet that sounds all too uncomfortably familiar. This is where an audience with the Advisory Council can help. Meet my animal helpers Shiloh, Teddy and Raven. They are the advisory council members who answer a question you have about yourself, shining light on the quiet, clear truth so you have the essential information you need to move ahead.

They have been abundantly clear this audience is for people, not for animals. As Shiloh says “This is about humans, not animals”.


This is for you if:

You have caught yourself thinking or wondering:

  • I am at a crossroads and I don’t know what’s next

  • I know there is a gap between who I am now and who I want to be

  • There is a chasm between how people perceive me and how I think of myself

  • I don’t trust what I’m getting my next step to be

WOW! This is sooooooo spot on! I just love the Advisory Council members!😉 They are so wise. It is like holding up a mirror and seeing what is really there....things I knew deep down but fought against. I love Shiloh’s quote “Peace does not come when you are in a hurry”.

I really appreciate their help and your help. How do I leave a review on your website? This is such a cool service-everyone should do this!
— Leslie

This allows you to:

  • Unravel overwhelm and uncertainty so that you feel confident with your next step

  • Uncover what has been holding you back

  • Discover how you want to authentically and organically move forward

  • Tend what is within you that wants to blossom forward


A lot to absorb. Very wise words from these 3. Much to ponder and I must say that I agree. I have felt cornered like a scared dog. Love the idea of pivoting as the word pivot has literally been running through my brain like an earwig the past few days. 

Love this new service. I think it is going to be really amazing for those who embrace it.


How It works:

  • This is done via email - remember the one question is about you, not about your animals

  • I submit your question to the Council and receive their answer for you

  • I email you their response within 2 working days (Monday - Friday)