Announcing A New Service!

Recently, something came up and ‘life’ got in the way. Nothing serious, on a scale of 1 - 10 it was probably only a -3, but still, the plans for my life did not include that particular incident.

I tried to work the predicament out myself, but it was beyond what I felt comfortable handling. I decided hiring a professional was the easiest and most expedient way to deal with this.

Which brings up the question… do you hire a professional when you don’t have any connections in that particular field?

I asked friends for referrals and I received plenty. The dilemma then became choosing the professional which was best suited for my particular situation.

Calling and speaking to each referral narrowed down the field considerably. I ended up with a couple of likely candidates and scheduled an interview with each of them.

After speaking with each one, I was still befuddled. Each candidate had stellar reputations, and offered what I thought to be excellent proposals for how to handle this. How could I know which would be best for me?

I was stuck in a hamster wheel loop of logic and pros and cons. What I needed was a new perspective. Something that tapped into my inner wisdom.

As usual, I turned to my Tarot cards. I tend to do that when I have those kinds of decisions to make. I’ve worked with both Tarot and Oracle cards for decades, and have found they offer an unbiased and unattached perspective when I’m biased and attached.

With the wisdom and support of the cards, I made the decision.

In hindsight, I saw that the cards were spot on with the information they provided. That gave me a lot of comfort, but I was also feeling rather abashed that I had turned to a ‘woo woo’ tool to help me solve my everyday quandary.

Suddenly, there was a ‘SO WHAT!??’ epiphany. I got the information I needed in a way that works for me, that I feel comfortable using and that I know I could trust.

When it comes to decision making, some folx feel more comfortable going through a disciplined and systematic approach while others work best using their intuition, for instance seeing what the cards have to say.

Neither way is wrong, both ways are right. It’s whatever works for you, correct?

If you’re as tired as I am of the popular assumption that the only way to make decisions is EXCLUSIVELY by being rational and logical, leaving intuition behind, it’s time to make a change.

About Oracle Readings

I’ve added a new service, Oracle Readings, for those who are ready to combine the intuitive with the practical. After all, using your intuition and your senses to complement reasoning is a viable recourse rather than living just from your head.

This new service is for you if you are:

  • Ready to stop being that round peg trying to fit into a square hole when it comes to decision making

  • Willing to stop pretending the rational and logical process works as easily for you as for the folx who think that way naturally

  • Willing to use your intuition and other senses to aid with decision making

Are you curious and want to find out more? I propose that you click here and see how this service can aide you in your decision making process so that you you find clarity around thoughts or questions that have been nagging at you.

This is an introductory pricing, available for a limited time.

If working with the Tarot or an oracle deck (also called a divinatory tool) is new to you and you’d like to find out more, or you have questions or concerns, schedule your free discovery call and let’s talk.

We’re All In This Together