How I Became An Animal Communicator

Have you ever had an animal come into your life who totally turned your life upside down, inside out and forwards? Sure, I know that any time we bring a new animal into our lives and our homes there’s bound to be a little upheaval, if not even perhaps a bit of chaos. But what I mean is, has there even been an animal who came into your life and gave your life a new direction?

That’s what happened to me. As a matter of fact, it’s thanks to my dog Teddy that I became an animal communicator.

Almost a decade ago I had to put down my dog Squirt, which left Emmie without a canine companion, a situation needing to be rectified. I journeyed to my local humane society, thinking this might be the first trip of many in my search for a suitable dog. This new dog had to be companionable with Emmie and needed to be OK with my two cats. At the time I was teaching 40+ violin students in my home so the new dog would also need to be comfortable with a lot of human traffic and also with the discordant sounds coming from new violin students.

I walked into the humane society and was greeted by a raggly-taggly, grimy, obese buff colored dog wearing a big smile and a little puppy attached to his tail. He and the puppy had developed a game where the buff colored dog, Tundra, would drag the little puppy around the office, causing the staff to double over with laughter.

It was love at first sight on my part. I talked to the staff and gathered information on Tundra, why he was in the humane society (this was his 3rd time – it had to do with people moving and not able to take him along), did he get along well with kids, cats and dogs (yes, yes and yes) and did he have any house training issues (a resounding no).

After he passed his interview with Emmie, then later, the vet check, Tundra came home with us. The first thing I did was change his name to Teddy, which evolved to Teddy Bear, and the second thing was to take him in for a much needed grooming session.

And then the house training slipped….and slipped….and slipped even more. I began to understand why Teddy had been in the humane society three times.

We worked with the vet and a trainer, to no avail. One day I was lighting the fire in the fireplace when an ad for an animal communicator fell into my lap. No joke! I was at my wit’s end, and ready to try anything, so I called the communicator and set up an appointment.

We worked together several times, sometimes combining the animal communication with healing touch. I was so impressed with the long lasting results and the self confidence the sessions gave Teddy, I decided to study communication. That led me to where I am today, a professional animal communicator.

Going to the shelter that day literally changed my life. Here’s my question for you:

How has an animal directed your life in an unexpected, new direction?

Leave your comments and stories here – I look forward to reading them!

Here’s To New Beginnings,