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You love animals, nature, trees… But more than that, you respect them. You worry for them. You actively care about them. Whether wild nature or your own back yard – to you their well being is as important as your own. You may not use the words advocate or activist, but in your own way you are working to make the lives of all creatures better.

We all do better when all beings do better, right?

My life’s work has been to make your passionate support of animals and all beyond-human-beings easier. To help you deepen your relationship with the nature beings in your life into what I call right relationship. To help you understand what the more-than-human beings in your life would like you to know.

The 20 plus years I’ve spent writing and speaking and podcasting and sharing what I know with you have all been to support your life and relationship with the animals and other nature beings you love so dearly. I share what I know and intuit freely. A gift from my heart and spirit to you and the sentient beings of the world. It’s a body of work grounded in love and infinite respect for all life.

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Thank you. Your contribution makes my work sustainable.


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