The Facebook Live Challenge Day 3

Well, even given Facebook’s meltdown yesterday, the Facebook Live Challenge continues, just a day late.

Days 1 was a simple Meet & Greet, Day 2 answered the quesiton ““I'd love to hear what makes an animist different from an animal communicator? And what has motivated you, shifted in you..?! that you change it?”. You can watch those videos here. In complete transparency, I do admit in Video #2 that when I started to make the shift from animal communication to animism, it felt as if my brain had broken!

In today’s video, I introduce you to the big leaf philodendron, Mariposa, with whom I share my home. That introduction sets up the discussion about being in a community of like-minded people when you start experiencing other sentient beings reaching out to you. No, it’s not your imagination, contrary to what others might tell you. If you do think it’s just your imagination, we need to talk.

The resource I share with you today is the signup for my newsletter. The purpose for sharing this resource is if you are already experiencing the beyond-human beings reaching out to you, it can feel as if your brain is breaking and you can start doubting your reality. When that happens, it’s comforting to have a place of like-minded people who both witness and support you in these new and different experiences. If you’re reading this and would like to signup for the newsletter, just scroll to the bottom of the page for the form.

Meanwhile, take a few moments to meet Mariposa in this video!

We’re In This Together,