The Move From Communicator To Animist

People have been curious about how I’ve made the switch from animal communicator to animist. Recently someone asked me about that, giving me the perfect opportunity to explain.

Q: I'd love to hear what makes an animist different from an animal communicator? And what has motivated you, shifted in you..?! that you change it?

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, let’s start with a couple of definitions. The are the definitions I use in my practice.

An animal communicator is someone who connects intuitively with animals and information is sent between the communicator and animal. Think of Dr. Doolittle. 

An animist is someone who practices animism. My mentor, Kelley Harrell ,has one of the best definitions of animism: Animism is considered the oldest religion, it’s an ancient expression of awareness beyond the self. An animist believes that:

  • everything has a soul

  • all souls are connected and thus can intercommunicate 

  • all souls are equal 

So this is my story for shifting.....A little over a year ago, I finished the intensive 2 year shamanic study program. It opened my perspective incredibly, not to just the non physical realms, but to our physical realm and the sentient beings with whom we share it.

I realized there was *more* than communicating with animals - we are in connection with nature, with systems likes weather systems, educational systems, political systems, technolgy and the 'inanimate' beings - like our house, furniture, our car, our computer etc. As this perspective, learning and realization started to grow within me I realized that I experienced the world wearing blinders. While I knew all these other beings existed, I had no idea it was possible to form relationship with them.

I thought they were just 'things', basically here on earth for my convenience and comfort.

When I learned that each being has its own agency, (authority) it was like my brain broke and I couldn't take it in. Sure, I could understand up to a point about the animals, plants, trees, grass etc, but only to a point. I was still playing 'the human card', by which I mean both consciously and unconsciously I was thinking since I'm the human *I* knew what was best for all. I was unable at the time to allow room in my thought process that each sentient being has its own life and story to tell *without* being framed through a human's interpretation of their story.

 So that realization took me from being an animal communicator to practicing animism.

Are you ready to make the shift from communicating with animals to being in an animistic relationship with them? You don’t have to make this shift alone - as a matter of fact, it’s best not to do that. Because how do you know what to do when you’ve never done it before?

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