The Cost of Shoulding

I  don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been working with a Health & Wellness coach for the last few months.

I haven’t talked about it a lot because there’s a part of me that keeps thinking……..

  • You *should* be able to do this yourself, Janet

  • Pull yourself up  by your bootstraps, Janet

  • *Big* girls don’t ask for help, Janet

Well the truth is, I am beyond horrible at navigating red tape and one of the first things my coach helped me do was to finish the process of signing up for Medicare. I had been trying, with no luck, to get signed up but I kept running into brick walls. It had gotten preposterous, where if anything could go wrong, it would go wrong. But those professional initials after my coach’s name were enough to grease the wheels and get me the appointments I needed to finish the process.

Sometimes we can all use a little help from our friends. Or coaches, whatever the case may be.

You see, I kept hearing all those old messages from my childhood, playing over and over in my mind like an 8 track tape and they were keeping me stuck.

But I obstinately hung on to them, because they were messages from childhood and didn’t my elders know what was best for me?

Those messages didn’t serve me then, and they certainly weren’t serving me now!

I realized I needed support and a hand in navigating the red tape, otherwise where would I be in three months?

Sound familiar? 

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to act in a different way so we can take care of ourselves and those who are near to us, like our animal pals. 

Has something been going on with one of your animal pals that you have been trying to handle yourself? Because you *should*? 

As I learned with my Medicare experience, *should* isn’t good enough. 

Instead, look at what the *should* is costing you in terms of time, money and impact.

  • Time: How long have you been trying to figure this out on your own? Working with me speeds up the process.

  • Money: The longer you remain stuck, the more it can cost you in the long run as you’re trying out new things. 

  • Impact: If you truly are looking to make an impact on what’s going on with your animal pal, how much longer are you willing to wait? 

It is 100% possible to have something different - if you are willing to choose it.

And I know this for sure, you and your animal pal deserve to have that something different so that your lives are running smoothly and harmoniously, as they were meant to do. 

Sound like a relief? Would you like my help?

Then zoom (mosey, trot, scamper) on over to my gorgeous new website and sign up for a 1:1 animal communication session with me. Your animal pal will thank you!

We're In This Together,