When Mosquitos Buzz Around Your Head

Tired of reading today? Just sit back and listen as I read this to you.

The other day I was trying to make up my mind about what would be the best avenue to take regarding a decision I needed to make. It wasn’t a big deal in the scheme of things, but my inability to make the decision was driving me crazy! 

This situation was turning into a mosquito - just buzzing around my head and not leaving me alone!

So I posted on a social media platform asking for advice.

Big Mistake

Everyone and their dog (almost literally) chimed in on what I *should* do. I was more confused than before! 

I next contacted my coach and asked for her thoughts around this.

We had a lovely, peaceful conversation (over tea) and discussed the pros and cons of the situation. I left the conversation feeling heard and with one gem of information that helped me move forward in my decision making process……

Why not treat yourself as a friend and advise your friend Janet what to do?”

With that one question, I realized I had the missing link I needed so that I was free to move ahead.

Whew! Relief! No more mosquitos buzzing around my head!

When we get lost in our everyday world and so involved in the expectations put on us by outside forces like society, culture, friends, and family, we lose our connection with that still, small inner voice of wisdom and truth we all have.

This is where an audience with the Advisory Council can help 

Ted, Rave Shiloh.png

My animal helpers Shiloh, Teddy and Raven make up the Advisory Council and they are here to help you find your missing link. They have been abundantly clear this audience is not for animals. As Shiloh says “This is about people, not  animals”.

If you have ever had an experience like the one I had, or you’re not trusting what your own gut about what your next step is, this is for you!

An audience with the Advisory Council allows you to unravel the overwhelm and uncertainty that’s been holding you back and tend what it is within you that wants to blossom forth so that you are free to move ahead.

What people are saying:
“Okay, WOWZERS!  A lot to absorb. Very wise words from these 3. Much to ponder and I must say that I agree. I have felt cornered like a scared dog. Love the idea of pivoting as the word pivot has literally been running through my brain like an earwig the past few days. Love this new service. I think it is going to be really amazing for those who embrace it.” ~Jennifer

How it works…..

  • This is done only by email

  • Send me your one question about yourself

  • I submit it to the Advisory Council

  • I email you their response within 2 working days (Monday-Friday)

Ready to dive in and submit your question? You sign up here. Sounds interesting but you’re not sure if this is your cuppa tea? Let’s set up a discovery call and see how we can work together!

We’re In This Together,