Six Degrees of Separation

Tired of reading today? Just sit back and listen as I read this to you.

Right now, on this peaceful afternoon, I am watching the Missoula Smokejumpers start their practice for the fire season, doing some cooking, doing some writing, doing some sound editing. A nap is in my immediate future, I’m sure.

And as I was doing ‘some of this, some of that’, my mind started wandering and I realized I was in the land of ‘what do I want to experience more’?

Have you been there? If so, you know what a beautiful, fertile place that is. So much opportunity, so much creativity, so much plentitude.

I found myself thinking that what I want to experience even more is working with people, helping them expand their horizons to embrace right relationship with beyond-human sentient beings, whether that’s through mentoring or 1:1 animal communication.

Think about all of the relationships we've tended and healed through our sessions together. Think about all of the right relationship that's out there in the world now. 

Well...I'd love to be of service more and in a deeper way. And that's where you come in, my friends.

I got to thinking of the six degrees of separation where all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. As a result, there’s a daisy-chain of "a friend of a friend" who can connect any two people in a maximum of six steps.

The ideal person I want to work with is someone like you….

Someone who…..

  • is intuitive

  • loves the beyond-human beings and wants what is best for them

  • strives to continue learning, so they can build and create right relationship with our beyond-human kin

  • is kindhearted and principled

  • is willingly will go to the nth degree to give our beyond-human kin the quality of life they believe is rightfully theirs

I guess I could stalk and chase after people who fit that description, but that’s just not my MO. I truly do get the feels when I’m working with someone new and they start telling me the story of how we ended up being connected.

Who do you know who sounds like that? Is it your neighbor, a family member, someone you went to school with, one of your kid’s teachers or maybe someone in your book club? How about your doctor, dentist or vet? Whoever comes to mind, please share this with them - thank you!

For You, As a Thank You

Thank you.png

For anyone new that you refer who signs up for a 1:1 service (Advisory Council excluded from this), whether that is mentoring or a communication session and mentions your name, you will receive a complimentary audience with the Advisory Council! 

I appreciate your doing what you can to help me expand my reach. And by all means, if you are within 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon, please send him my way!

Many thanks for your help!

We're In This Together,