Birds of a Feather

In a previous blog post Six Degrees of Separation I was talking about a peaceful day I had recently experienced, my mind wandering around Kevin Bacon and the concept of six degrees of separation, the idea that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other.

The wandering continues…


Lately my mind has wandered to the land of community and connection. Because going deeper into relationship doesn't mean going it alone. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. I mean, where would Frodo have been without the Fellowship?

The times we live in ask us to go beyond ourselves and leave our ego-centric and our human-centric thoughts and conditioning behind.

No one lives in a vacuum, and it is presumptuous to think so. We are interdependent with the beyond-human sentient beings, the trees, rivers, air, weather, bees, animals, technology, systems, and so on. And of course, we are interdependent with all humans and the communities and systems we have created.

True, we are interdependent, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy - sigh.

It's hard being an ethical, authentic person who is willing to stand with the beyond-human beings, accepting them as the equals they are. Because the world at large doesn't get that kind of kindhearted and pricipled perspective, and truthfully, the world at large does everything in its power to smoosh it down. 

I bet you’ve experienced that. As a matter of fact, I bet if you stop and think about it you’ve experienced it on a regular basis, perhaps even daily.

If you've experienced it, I SEE you, I BELIEVE in you. 

We need a community, a fellowship, of like-minded folks with whom we can share our experiences and have conversations that are important to all. We need a community who understands what we are experiencing and who is willing to witness our experiences. We need a community so we can offer the understanding and witnessing to others when they need it.

Let’s Do This!

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