Podcast: Interview With Jim Two Snakes Shamanic Practitioner


Guest Jim Two Snakes is a Shamanic Practitioner who has been trained in lineaged Peruvian shamanism, and is based in Jackson, Michigan. He has been serving his local community for 28 years. Along with his wife Angi Stovall, he facilitates a monthly metaphysics discussion night that is open to the public. He hosts the podcast Around Grandfather Fire, and holds Q’ero (Peruvian) Fire Ceremonies and teaches workshops and classes throughout the year. 

In this episode Jim talks about how he practices right relationship with people, money and boundaries and also clarifies how he experiences the difference between happy and contentment. There’s also a reference made to an elusive teapot that appears, neither Jim nor I know why. Perhaps someone needs to hear something from that teapot.

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Around Grandfather Fire a podcast hosted at Anchor.fm

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The Wandering Owl is an online metaphysics shop owned by his wife Angi Stovall

The Wandering Owl facebook page

James Two Snakes Stovall facebook page

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