Moving Out of Perfectionism

Do you ever get stuck in knowing what to ask for? I do - sometimes it’s hard for me to ask because as a child I was taught not to ask, but there are also times it’s hard to ask because I get stuck in how to ask ‘perfectly’.

Luckily, my Angel Horse Shiloh did not have this difficulty when he was in the physical world. Shiloh only had one eye, the left one had been removed. The barn crew used to stack hay in the aisle outside of his stall, which would be on his left side because they thought Shiloh wouldn’t reach over and eat the hay since he couldn’t see it.

True. Shiloh did not reach out and nibble at the hay. What he did instead was to pull an entire bale of hay into the back of his stall, placing it on his sighted side so he could guard it and nibble on it at his pleasure!

Because he did this multiple times and I was the one getting in trouble, I asked him about it. He replied “You have to know what you want before you can get it. I don’t want a nibble, I want the BALES!”.

Doesn’t that make need to know what you want before you can get it.

A Common Question

Which brings me around to a question I’ve been receiving lately from both potential and established clients.

Folks have been wanting to schedule a session, but have been stuck on how to phrase the questions for the session. They want to ask the ‘perfect’ questions so they can get the most information they can from both their animal pals and the session.

I get that, truly I do.

But in struggling to create the perfect question(s) we can find ourselves unintentionally going down the triple rabbit holes of

  1. Perfectionism

  2. Procrastination

  3. Paralysis

Not only are these rabbit holes connected, but they work together to keep us from moving forward to get what we need or want. They leave us feeling stumped, frustrated and discouraged.

Who needs that?!!

So how do we escape the tyranny of the 3Ps and start to move forward?

Strategies I Use

Here are a couple of strategies I use in overcoming my own perfectionism:

Instead of thinking in terms of a question, I think of setting a simple and specific intent for the session.

  • I intend to (verb) so that (desired outcome).

I work with the phases of the moon when crafting my intent.

  • The New Moon is about setting intentions, manifestations and new beginnings

  • 1st Quarter Moon is about inspired action, taking a leap and committing to move forward

  • Full Moon is about harvesting endeavors, introspection and releasing what doesn't serve

  • Last Quarter is about gratitude and celebrating your accomplishments

Don’t let the phrasing of your intent/questions be daunting and keeping you from setting up a 1:1 session. I can help you move out of the 3Ps and get to the core of your question(s). Reach out, set up a free discovery call and let’s talk!

We’re in this together,