What The Heck is An Audience With the Advisory Committee?

Let me introduce you to a new service that I’m really excited about! Why am I so excited?

  1. It’s a service for humans. Because sometimes we humans get stuck and need help getting unstuck

  2. This service will shine light on the quiet, clear truth within you so you have the essential information you need to move ahead 

  3. It’s as simple as an email to participate

  4. It’s FUN. Wait, what??? I bet you thought ALL spiritual work was supposed to be serious, somber and no-nonsense. Not at all! It is indeed possible for the results of a session to be seriously helpful without the process being rigid and complex

This session is actually with my cat Raven and 2 angel animals, Shiloh & Teddy, they are the ones who make up the Advisory Council. They are the ones who are giving you guidance, I’m just the go-between ;-)

But hey, why not get comfy, sit back with your favorite cuppa beverage and find out more in this video? You’ll find out how the Advisory Council and this service came to be and why people are finding it helpful.

Ready to schedule your session? Just click the button below and you’ll be whisked to the page where you can sign up. Interested but have questions? Contact me and I’ll answer those questions for you!

We're All In This Together,