A Bypass for Human Responsibility?

Tired of reading today? Just sit back and listen as I read this to you.

I bet many of you have seen the memes floating around that say something to the effect that “All horses/dogs/animals are therapy horses/dogs/animals. The majority are just freelancing.”

And I bet it gives you warm fuzzies to think that this just might be the case. Some animal is reaching out to you, just to help you. How sweet is that?

OK, here’s where reality sets in. Brace yourself because I know this will not be music to many peoples’ ears.


ac not bypass responsibility-3.png

Memes like that are not true. They are written from the perspective of human entitlement and superiority, placing people in a select position above the animals.

Memes such as that create a division and a hierarchy, with people at the top of the hierarchal chain. With humans at the top, the natural result places the animals in inferior positions, at the beck and call of human demands and desires. 

Memes such as these are not written from an animistic point of view. Animism considers the animals as having their own agency, autonomy and authority. Animism considers all equal.

Yes, there are animals who choose to work with humans, but this stems from a choice on their part as well as a reciprocal, respectful relationship that has already been well established and is regularly tended.

Working With Animals

The thing about working together with an animal is that it’s based on a relationship that’s built over time. When I say time, I am talking about months and possibly even years, not simply 3 sightings of Fox or finding feathers when you’re on a walk.

So, for instance, the relationship I have with my Angel Horse Shiloh has been honed over 20 years when he was in the physical, the time we are together now that he is an Angel Horse and in lifetimes we were together before this one.

Working with an animal is not coming form a place of ‘you’re mine, I choose you’, but seeing if the animal is showing veritable interest in you and if you are compatible to work together. Once that is established over time, then you can start working on and tending a mutual relationship. 

Questions for you…..

So, when your heart goes pitty-patty when looking at the meme, the question I have for you is……does that love come from the sentiments expressed on the meme or is it coming from the animal(s) pictured?

What can you do, how can you check yourself when you see those memes that immediately send you to warm-fuzzies-land?

Be aware and beware……

  1. Question any meme or statement that makes blanket statements about all animals

  2. Question any meme or statement that presumes to speak for all animals but obviously the end result benefits only the people 

  3. Ask yourself those hard questions, such as “Why am I assuming the animals are willing to do my work for me?”

By the way, if you like to read, one of my favorite series that I think addresses relationship between a human and animal and what that looks like is the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini.

If this seems bewildering and you want to make sure you’re not bypassing but you’re not sure how or where to start, let’s talk. Schedule a free discovery session with me to find out how we can work together

We’re In This Together,