Test Driving the Advisory Council: Transiting Chiron & More

Other than I consider myself a card carrying Aquarius, I'm not big into astrology, but I do check every couple of weeks to see what's going on. The last time I checked, a week or so ago, I came upon this gem...

"February 22, 2017 - July 11 , 2026

"During this transit, lasting 2 - 8 years, and especially at the beginning of this period of time, your professional career or your presence on the public stage, even your very self-concept may alter, causing you to undergo a potentially painful period of re-examination and transformation. At this time, the structure of society, does not rest easily on your head."

The rest of the article was in the same vein - in other words, not music to my ears! Oh my! 

I'd been wanting to do a test drive of  "An Audience With the Advisory Council" and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! The things I learned from them: amusing, profound and heartfelt.

Give the video a listen and hear for yourself what they had to say. If you have comments or questions, please leave them, I’m happy to talk more about this!

We’re In This Together,