When Forcing Doesn't Work

I am learning a life lesson from the move and setting up the apartment. And it's most certainly not an easy one for me.

That lesson is: I am simply unable to do things as I have done them in the past.

  • No more hauling 2 or 3 boxes up and down stairs at the same time

  • No more lifting and heaving weighty objects over my head

  • No more working straight through until the apartment is exactly as I want it

It's frustrating and annoying as heck that this is the reality for me. Because I don't want it to be. I want it to be different, like it used to be, you know, back in the 'good ol' days'.

Learning From Space

The other day I was working on getting the bedroom closet set up. I have to admit the closet is small, and while I don't have a lot of clothes, I've managed to fill it to the brim. Max and Raven were 'helping' and I was listening to a favorite podcast at the time.

At some point in the organization process I became aware that this was no longer a dreaded yet necessary project but had morphed into a beautiful dance between me, the closet Space (and space) and my clothes.

I began to listen to the Space of the closet and do what it suggested.

In other words, instead of forcing the Space (and space) of the closet to do it my way, I entered it's world, listened and participated.

In a short time not only was the project finished but the organic way in which it had been completed left me feeling peaceful, grateful and invigorated.

We do that a lot - thinking things need to be done our way, deaf to the possibilities of what *could* be if only we would stop imposing our will on another sentient being.

Take Animals For instance

How often do we look at the animals (and yes, you can substitute plants, stones, trees, clouds, etc) in our life through the human lens of what they add to our lives? How having them in our life adds to the quality of our life, makes our life better?

When we look at them through that oh-so-common human lens, we rob them of their own unique agency and individuality, forcing them into the position of being mere ornaments to our human world.

I want to share a marvelous video with you that talks more about this and inspires a new way of coexisting with animals. It's 17 minutes and well worth the time. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, please leave a comment.

BTW, I lied above when I insinuated I had learned only one lesson from the move. I've learned so many! But by and far my most favorite and life changing is how acknowledging and recognizing another's own agency and intelligence adds a depth and sense of completion that I would not otherwise have experienced.

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We're All In This Together,