Leave Those Spinning Wheels Behind

Have you ever reached the point where you're just spinning your wheels?

You know you need to address the issue at hand, but you can't decide what step to take first, because it feels like everything you need to do is the first step!

And the challenging part is that what you feel is the priority is subject to the whim of what's happening in your life at that moment in time.

Priorities blown in the wind, so to speak.

I totally get it. Been there, done that. The following is based on a true story and while I'm not prepared to share the details I am willing to share how my life was affected.

I was overwhelmed with what wasn't getting done regardless of how hard I tried to take matters in my own hands. This led me to trying different shortcuts, quick cures and magical thinking. When they didn't work procrastination and paralysis set in.

I can tell you for sure and from past experience that procrastination and paralysis is not the least bit helpful!

Those damn wheels just spun faster and faster, turning into a vise. My viable options became more limited, the problem becoming progressively chaotic and I was left feeling helpless, hopeless and impotent.

The result? I crashed and hit an all-time low.

Here’s How I Turned Things Around

  • I decided enough was enough - time to step off the spinning wheels

  • I realized I was not able to handle this problem by myself

  • I did my research, found some feasible solutions and reached out to the people who could help me implement those solutions

In other words, I quit trying to do it all by myself.

Have you reached a similar point and realized that you don't have to do everything yourself?

Now you just need clarity about the ONE thing to prioritze that will stop those spinning wheels.

I Can Help

This is where I come in.

Or rather, this is where the Advisory Council and I come in. We can help you.

Are you ready to leave the spinning wheels behind and have a light shone on the ONE question that will lead to the quiet, clear truth, giving you the essential information you need to move ahead?

If that’s the case and it’s time to ditch those spinning wheels, I look forward to seeing you on my calendar!

We're All In This Together,