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It’s that time again - I love how it rolls around with such regularity.

Time to welcome new matron Amy to my Patreon community!

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One of the popular tiers of support is the “In the Meadow” level. Benefits for this level are:

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  • Your name one time listed on the website and read on the podcast, unless you prefer to be anonymous

  • A mini intuitive general reading, which includes a photo of the card pulled for you and the intuitive message for that card

For the intuitive reading this month, I'm using the Oracle of the Dragonfae deck by Lucy Cavendish. The intuited message I receive for you from this deck is simple and reveals a truism unique to your situation.


I invite you to explore my Patreon page and I would absolutely love if you were interested in becoming one of my first patrons! By doing this you are helping me lay the foundation for what I hope to be a great ongoing project of building right relationship with our beyond-human sentient beings kin.

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