How Are Things Going With Your Animal Kin?

Hello there, I am writing to you from my new place!

In May I decided it was time for a change of residence, something that was more accommodating to our changing lifestyle. A place where the bedroom and bathroom were on the same floor (luxury!) and that didn’t have as many steps for my dog Max to navigate.

I found a just right place, less than 3 miles from where we were which suited all of our needs. And so we moved.

The move went exceptionally well, (minus the fact that I’m still looking for the box of shoes and boots) and I believed that both boys had adjusted well to our new place.

Max Hadn’t Quite Adjusted

Then I noticed Max becoming more clingy than usually. He followed me around like he’s always done, but now he had to be right next to me. I mean RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Our bodies had to be touching and oftentimes he would literally block me into a space where I couldn’t move.

He started walking on my feet and standing on them. It was as if he had no concept where his feet were and that he wasn’t standing on the floor.

The situation quickly escalated from bad to worse to dangerous as I was afraid he might inadvertentantly cause me to fall or that I might unintentionally hurt him by stepping on him if I didn’t realize he was there.

It was both easy and natural for me to attribute these behaviors to his canine cognitive disorder. He had been moved from his home of the past four years and was experiencing new sights, sounds and living conditions. Not only that, but as far as I know, Max has never lived in an apartment before, but only single family dwellings. That in itself presents a big change.

One night I was talking to his ‘Auntie’ and my friend and co-worker Kris Scanlon. I mentioned all of this to her and she became silent. Max connected with Kris and told her why this was happening. Kris told me he felt safer by my side because he’d been through a lot of change and uncertainty with the move. He was better able to handle that years ago, but now that he’s older it’s scarier.

Why Am I Mentioning This To You?

Because it can be possible to miss what’s going on with our own animal family even when we are in tune with them and have a long-time established relationship.

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we miss what is perfectly obvious to our animal pal because we are preoccupied, busy, tired, stressed or we think we know what it should be - well, those are just a few of the reasons.

As an animal communicator I listen to what the animals tell me and then I relay that information to you so that you can get a clear understanding of what it is they are experiencing. This helps you know how to help them in the way they need and are asking for.

The Take Away

What do I want you to take away from this? We’re not an island, we’re not meant to do this business of life alone, doing everything ourselves. We are meant to be in connection with each other and support each other, just like Max’s Auntie Kris supported me and Max.

How are things going with your animal kin? Summer is a great time to check in with them and see how they’re doing. Periodic check ins not only help with their well-being but give you valuable insights into the different aspects of their lives so that you can create the best possible life for them. And isn’t that what we want for our animal pals ;-)

If you would like some help, it’s time to set up a 1:1 session.


We’re All In This Together,