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If you follow me, you know I’ve moved to a new home recently. Well, the good news is - the move is over - yay! Life has finally settled into a comfortable tempo for Max, Raven and me so now I have more time to spend creating fresh new writings and podcasts for you.

I create these resources and share them through my Patreon page so you can strengthen your bond with our animal and other beyond-human kin. So you are better able to easily and successfully support them. So you have tools for those times when you’re facing things like...

“I’m worried about my horse, she’s been quieter than usual and the vet can’t find anything...”or “This hawk soars above our yard every day, I wonder what he’s thinking.... I wonder if he’s finding the food he needs here or if there’s something I can do for him or this place to make it healthier.” or “I miss my cat so much since she passed away, I’d love to talk with her and find out if she’s doing ok...”

(If you haven’t visited my Patreon page lately - or yet -you can scope it out it here.)

It’s an easy way for those interested in my work to view my online content and updates all in one place and to learn from that content. By contributing as little as $2 per month, patrons you me to dedicate more of my time to creating these resources for you by helping cover my overhead.

Monthly Support Is Important

A Kickstarter campaign, or becoming an Impromptu Backer with a one-time donation, makes sense when there's a single big project that’s in the works. I’ve used that approach many times in the past when doing festivals, workshops and particularly when I participated in the 2007 American Music Awards Celebrity Gift Mart as animal communicator.

But now I have so many projects going on, not to mention the ideas I want to develop for future projects and products, that working on them has become a full-time job! With monthly support from matrons and patrons, I can budget and plan further in advance and get more creative work done.

What I Want To Accomplish By The End of 2019

  • Move the podcast to a new platform that meets all of its needs

  • Purchase recording equipment to better enhance the quality of the podcast

  • Work from the coworking space 3 times a week. As with any move, there are unforeseen circumstances that come up. With this one, there’s not enough broadband to support the online work that I do so I am now renting a coworking space

  • Purchase a new computer

  • Create an email course based on the foundational philosophy that everyone/everything is animated by consciousness with their own agency. This is already outlined and waiting to be birthed!

  • Create an educational 3-month program that takes you from ‘what the heck???’ to ‘I got this!’ and aides those who are called to participate in right relationship in an animistic way

And looking ahead to 2020 I’d like to consolidate my writings into a book that covers animal communication and animism.

But truth be told, the cycle of fundraising for individual projects is wearing and exhausting, both for you and for me! I can do SO MUCH MORE when I'm not spending all of my time hustling for backing. Budgeting long term is essential for any business, and for that, I need to know what income I can count on each month.

To bring my goals to fruition, I need to be able to plan. These online projects are big and if I know how much money I have coming in each month, I can budget for these and upcoming ones!

These Are The Facts

  • Right now, if only 40 of you contribute $2 a month, I will have exceeded my first goal on Patreon, allowing me to move the podcast to a new platform and covering internet expenses

  • If 50 of you contribute just $5 a month, this will allow me to purchase the new podcast equipment, spend more time writing quality content and go to the coworking space 3 times a week

  • And if 1,000 of you contribute $5 a month, I can do everything on the list above and plan in a way that lets me build the online portion of my business, making it sustainable for the long-run

  • Unlike a Kickstarter campaign, or even becoming an Impromptu Backer, this is long-lasting support, so the projects that I haven't even dreamed up yet can also become a reality in the future.

What’s In It For You

Perks? You betcha! This is about ongoing, sustainable support, so I'm keeping the tiers simple but still warranting of your financial backing and support. Tiers start as low as $2.00 a month, making this accessible for lots of people. Of course, there are different levels of support with different benefits for each level. Here are the tiers, which one works for you?

If you find my work helpful, if an article or podcast has inspired or informed you or expanded possibilities in your world, consider this model of patronage. Becoming a Matron or Patron is both deeply appreciated and a reasonable way to show your support. A contribution of $2 a month adds up to only $24 a year, probably less than you spend on coffee a month!

In return, rest assured I will be creating and producing new content, enthusiastically working to create the most honest and authentic content I am able; because I know you are passionate about your support of animals and other beyond-human kin!

Become a Matron or Patron . Thank you! Your support makes my online work sustainable!

We’re All In This Together,