Podcast: Calling All Cat People!

A big debate among cat people - is it better to keep your cat indoors or better to let the cat be outdoors in their natural environment? What are your thoughts on this? That's one of the things we're talking about on this episode of the Reawaken Right Relationship Podcast.

I address this topic from an animistic perspective as well as sharing insights on how to create an indoor environment that enriches your cat's life.

Plus, if you’ve had that experience where you're trying to connect with animals and you receive nada....zip.....nothing.... I share some reasons that may be happening. By the way, believe me, that happens to all of us from time to time!

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“I’m worried about my horse, she’s been quieter than usual and the vet can’t find anything...”

“This hawk soars above our yard every day, I wonder what he’s thinking.... I wonder if he’s finding the food he needs here or if there’s something I can do for him or this place to make it healthier.”

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