Return of the Podcast!

Return of the Podcast - oh my!

This is the first podcast ATM (After The Move). In my naiveté, I thought I'd only need to take one week off from podcasting. That was 5 weeks ago.

I didn't take into consideration that my boots and shoes would scurry off on their own little adventure and it would take me that long to find them, nor did I take into consideration that the change of address card I filed with the post office would end up in the Bermuda Triangle and I wouldn't be getting my mail at the new address.

Not to mention the boxes, unpacking, yada yada yada ;-)

Anyway, I'm THRILLED to be podcasting again and fingers crossed I'm back on the weekly schedule now.

Here's the official announcement for the latest episode:

Episode #37 of the Reawaken Right Relationship podcast is up! It's all about moving with animals - a timely topic, for sure, and about moving as an animist. Give it a listen on your favorite podcast platform or on You can help grow the podcast audience by leaving a review and sharing with your friends and family. Thanks! ;-)

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