How You Can Help

Recently I’ve been receiving a deluge of kind words from folx, telling me how much they enjoy my online work. Sometimes I feel I’m writing in a vacuum so when I receive comments like those, my little heart just goes pitty-pat and it just makes my day! Thank you for telling me!

Part of the intent of my work FOR YOU to provide content that hopefully inspires or informs you and leads to expanded possibilities in your world.

Part of the intent of my work FOR ME is to create a budgetable, reliable income source from my online work so that I have the resources, time and peace of mind to focus on creating more quality podcasts and articles for you.

I can't do that without your help and support because while online content is free to consume, it's not free to create.

Have you read something or heard something in the podcast that has just made your heart go pitter-patter? Has there been a new venture or perspective sparked for you in your relationship with animals? Have you taken a nugget from my writings or the podcast, implemented it into the everyday of your life, and witnessed awesome results?

If so, support my work, support me, dog Max and cat Raven, by becoming a Matron or Patron. Tiers range from $2 - $100+ per month. Your patronage and trust in my work means the world to me, and your patreonage makes my online work sustainable. Thank you!

We’re All In This Together,