5 Natural Ways to Start Communicating With Your Pets

If I were to do a short survey right now amongst all of you readers, I bet you would tell me that you can't communicate with animals because the communicator has to be 'gifted' and/or 'psychic'. I beg to differ!

Everyone has the ability to connect with the animals. Not everyone has the desire, but everyone has the ability.

As a matter of fact, if you share your life with animals, I bet you're already doing this, perhaps just not consciously aware of it. You might be calling it a hunch, or a coincidence, but it is animal communication, sure thing.

But just in case you are doubting yourself, here are 5 tips to get you started.

5 Natural Ways to Start Communicating With Your Pets

  1. Breathe - This is not as inane as it sounds. We breathe all the time, 24/7. Yet if we are anxious, our breath will become shallow. The animals, of course, will notice that. If you find you are anxious as you're preparing to connect with the animal, you have some options:

    • Choose to connect at a different time when you are relaxed

    • If you have a breathing exercise that calms you, do that

    • If you don't have a breathing exercise, try what I do: inhale to the count of 3, hold to the count of 3, exhale to the count of 3. I repeat this until I feel relaxed and at ease

  2. Send pictures - Because it's animal communication, so many of us think the conversation has to be done verbally, like we would hold conversations with other humans. Not true. Animals are very good at picking up pictures. Next time you want Rover to sit, send a mental picture to Rover of him sitting. With practice, you'll be amazed at how well this works.

  3. Pay attention - When we are in conversation with animals, we must be actively aware and conscious of thoughts, words, images and feelings that come our way. That's the animal conversing with us. We can't afford to let our attention wander, otherwise we miss part of the conversation.

  4. Ditch the negatives - Have you noticed when you're talking with your animal pal and say "don't do such-and-such" you're actually sending the picture of them doing the such-and-such! For example, when you tell Tonka Cat "Don't spray in the house!" you're sending the picture to Tonka Cat of him spraying in the house. How confusing is that!!! You want to tell Tonka Cat to spray outside, and simultaneously send the picture of him being outside when he's spraying.

  5. Make sure your message and your feelings are congruent - This is vital. So many times we are worried about our animal pals but we cover it up by saying everything is fine. Meanwhile our own worry level is sky high. Rest assured, the animals will pick up on the worry you're feeling and will respond accordingly.

These are some ways that you can bring animal communication into your life NOW. How cool is that?

If you’re having a hard time getting going or are spinning your wheels, don’t worry that’s normal. I can help you get past that. Let’s talk and see how we can work together.

Here's To New Beginnings,