A Taped Communication: Conversations With Cats

If you've not experienced animal communication, you might find this video of interest. This is an actual, unscripted animal communication with a client Cindy, and her three cats Chica, Shiloh and Sammy. You will see the initial conversation and then the followup/feedback that took place three weeks later. Below the video are time markers which will give you an idea of what was covered. If this brings up any questions for you, let's talk! You can set up a complimentary introductory call here.  ENJOY!


0:00 Introductions, Meet the cats, what’s going on,

1:35 How I handle animal communicaiton

2:30 Questions for Chica the cat, the conversation begins

5:00 Would Chica like to go to the cattery?

6:15 Chica says she has a hitch in her giddy up, coming from her paw

7:09 If she wants to go outside, why doesn’t she?

8:40 How Chica feels about herself

9:10 How to help the other cats

9:44 Keeping eyes open when live in family unit

10:30 Ask Chica if she needs help, conversation about what she needs, wants

12:05 Ask open ended questions when conversing with animals

13:00 How I receive information in animal communication

14:50 Bringing cats Shiloh and Sammy into the conversation

18:00 Key to working with animals

18:50 Cat meows are for people, not other cats

20:15 Supporting Chica in her role of keeping peace in the family

21:00 The homework for the humans after this conversation

22:56 Wrap up of the conversation

25:20 Part II - Followup from the initial conversation

25:51 Cindy reviews the initial conversation and tells what happened

30:00 Building on Chica’s natural inclinations

30:19 Animal Communication is not magic

31:19 How habits have changed in the intervening weeks

32:00 The value of ‘family meetings’

33:10 The next steps in creating relationship

33:40 Using animal communication COMBINED with what we observe IRL

34:50 How Cindy connects differently with the different cats; suggestions for improvement

37:00 The importance of Cindy being centered when connecting with the cats

38:36 Janet connects with cat Shiloh

39:12 How Shiloh is sending information to Janet

39:30 What Shiloh has to say

42:15 Cindy connects to more cats

43:05 Telling Cindy to trust what she initially gets from the cats, then discern

46:15 The marriage of observing what’s going on IRL with animal communicaiton

48:00 Animal communication is not always warm fuzzies, sometimes there’s swearing coming from the animals

48:48 My dog Max joins the conversation

49:15 Animal communication starts with the humans being centered

49:40 Shiloh helps Cindy recognize when she’s not balanced

50:57 Human bond with each cat will be different, but each one is still in right relationship, not power over

51:40 Wrap up