Being Aware of Animals

How many times have you missed seeing animals that are right in front of you? You're in a car with a friend who points out a murder of crows you didn't see, or you've stepped on and squashed a bug you didn't know was there. Right relationship starts with seeing what's right under our noses.

With being conscious of our surroundings and what's *in* our surroundings.

Right relationship is looking at the world through more than our human lenses.

Sometimes animals don't fill our expectations of where they should be, so they become invisible to us.

For instance: I knew there was a beetle in my sink. I was getting ready to run some water and checked to see if Mr. Beetle was still there. I didn't see him, so I ran the water and the next thing I saw was Mr. Beetle's dead carcass.

How many times do we do that with animals? Because they are not being/doing/behaving as we expect them to, they become invisible to us. We move ahead with our plans, regardless of the repercussions the animal might experience due to our lack of being in the present.

I'm sharing this so you will remember to be in the present, see the animals for who they are and where they are.

Taking off your human lenses, look at the reality of what *is*, not what your preconceived notion of what reality *should* be.

Here's To New Beginnings,