It Doesn't Have To Be Difficult


I want to share a true life story with you.

It’s about me, and the ‘hitch I’ve had in my giddyup’ off and on for about the past two years.

Yes, you read that correctly. For about the past two years my right hip has needed a chiropractic adjustment and I kept procrastinating about getting one.

I kept thinking it would eventually adjust itself, or if I would just walk more it would eventually go away. The problem was that it hurt to walk, so much so that I had to curtail walking my dog Max.

I was in a catch-22. I knew walking would help, but it was painful to walk, so I didn’t and therefore the lack of exercise exacerbated the condition.

Then the guilt, the ‘should haves’ and the ‘what will the chiropractor think of me’ thoughts started - with a vengeance.

I found myself using them as logical reasons as to why I *shouldn’t* reach out for help.

Denial wrapped around me, squeezing me like a boa constrictor.


I was in a prison of my own making and meanwhile Max was not getting the outings that he so adores and needs.

Yuk, yuk, YUK!

What turned this situation around was *not* a breakthrough of me coming to my senses, but a comment that a friend nonchalantly made: “Wow, that is making your life much harder than it needs to be.”

Well…….hello! Yes, it did make my life not only more difficult, but it robbed me of the simple joys of life.

Like walking with Max.

I needed to take the simple step that I knew was imperative (scheduling an appointment with the chiropractor) so that I could get on with my life, in a simplified, easier, more productive and definitely more comfortable way.

I needed to stop trying to correct this ailment by myself and reach out for help.


Is anyone saying “Me, too, I’ve been there, I KNOW how that feels?” right now?

Can you relate my story to a story of your own regarding your relationship with your animal pal, or with animals in general?

You knew that something was amiss, but you wanted to try “just one more thing” before you reached out for help.

We all need help from time to time, a helping hand along with an encouraging and supportive voice.

This is what I aim to do - help and support you in your connection with the animals in your life so that your unique relationship with them flourishes.

No more…..

  • Trying to work it out on your own

  • Spinning your wheels

  • Wondering what the next step is

  • Not seeing the results you want

I aim to both hear and listen to you with compassion and empathy. To speak in confidence with honesty and integrity in a way that helps to build the relationship between you and your animal pal(s). To assist you with my specialized skill sets, helping you create the circumstances where you are actually living out the hopes, dreams and love you share with animals.

Together we create the circumstances that help you build what you want more than anything: a profound, cherished relationship with animals, whether those are your animal family, animals in the wild, Angel Animals or animal totems.

If you are caught in your own catch-22, let’s talk. If this has whetted your curiosity and you’re wondering about ways we can work together, now’s the time to schedule your free discovery call and find out!

Here's To New Beginnings,