Intuitive Communication With Wildlife

Often when the phrase 'animal communication' pops up, folks immediately think of communicating with their animal pals, the ones with whom they share their home. But animal communication is so much more than that!

Even if you don't live with animals, animal communication comes in handy helping the animals in the wild. Below is an actual story one of my students shared:

A few weeks ago, I was sitting on the couch in my living room early in the morning, working on my laptop. It was very quiet – no one else in my house was awake and it was too early for the typical garbage truck or gardener noises to be making their rounds yet. I became aware of a squeaking sound outside the front door. I kept listening - not sure if it was a bird or an animal. It continued a few more times and my thought was 'fawn', so I went to the door to take a peek. I tried very hard to open the door without making a sound, but I couldn’t avoid a quiet click and when the door opened, it startled a tiny fawn right there on the driveway. He took off, still squeaking, and went behind a building, out of sight. In my head I was thinking “Oh no, don’t go too far, where’s your mother?!”

Pretty quickly, the mother came strolling down the driveway, making her noise calling for the baby (it sounded like a moan). After she was part way down the driveway – about 10 ft. from me watching her quietly from the doorway - she stopped and looked around. There were no fawn squeaks to be heard now and she didn’t seem to have any idea where her baby was. I must have moved slightly, because she suddenly startled and started to bolt in the complete opposite direction of her fawn.

Now I was concerned and I said 'no, no, no' - quietly to myself - and she stopped in her tracks and turned her head, facing in the right direction. I said ‘yes, go that way’ and she walked up the hill a bit and then turned again in the wrong direction and I said 'no, no, the other way' and she stopped again and turned her head in the right direction and then there was the baby, running from behind the building towards her. They nonchalantly reunited and calmly walked up the hill together.

This all happened in a couple of minutes and was such a fun encounter. I took an animal communication class with Janet Roper last summer and all of us were hoping for this type of experience. We felt we needed proof that we were actually communicating with the animals in our lives. What I realized in this encounter is that my focus and communication came from a pure place of concern for the mother and fawn getting separated. I reacted and she ‘heard’ me. And this experience has given me confidence in my ability to tap into that wider web of connection that we all have access to when we open ourselves. ~ Anne B

If you're an animal lover but don't have pets, you will still find having this communication tool in your back pocket advantageous in building your relationship with the animals in your backyard and the animals in the wild. We all have the ability to communicate with animals, and, if you're reading this blog, you also have the desire to communicate with the animals.

There's no time like the present to act on your desire to learn animal communication. As my now-Angel-Horse Shiloh said:

“Tell people not to limp along with their animal communication skills. Now is the time for people to really learn to talk to animals, and to listen to us, too. We have much to share. But people limp along, they’re afraid to try, they don’t trust themselves. Now is the time, though, for people to talk to us."

I encourage you to start now and learn how to build and strengthen your relationship with all sentient beings through intuitive communication.

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Here's To New Beginnings,