Meeting Your Non-Human Neighbors

This spring my dog Max and I have been going out on the 'back 40', taking time to walk and explore what's back there. It's not a back 40 in the true sense of the word, but it's my little neck of the woods, an area that is situated on a mountain in the wide open space of Montana. This habit started as just taking Max for a walk. It's handy, definitely close and no need to get in the car and haul us to a place where we can walk. A possible drawback for Max is the lack of canine pee-mail there; however, I'm sure the smell of deer, birds, rabbits and other wildlife that pass that way at least begin to make up for that.

I've noticed the more we walk back there, the better I get to know the land and the natural beings that call it their home. Who would have thought seeing the tiny white flowers beginning to show could make me so happy? Not to mention that luscious green!

I've started saving my tea leaves to share with the beings of the back 40. Each time Max and I go there, I take my jar of used tea leaves to sprinkle along as we walk. It's my way of saying thanks to the land spirits and gratefully sharing one of my favorite beverages with them.


The time spent there is one of building relationship and rapport with my neighbors, the non-human neighbors of the land. It just so happens these neighbors don't drive cars, have computers or live in a house. But they are neighbors just the same. As a good neighbor it behooves me to get to know them in a more personal way. To know who they are and to learn about each one and their place in the neighborhood.

Do I communicate with them when I'm back there? Actually, I don't. That is not the time or place to communicate, to see if they have a 'message' for me or how they can 'help' me.

Because, you see, the time spent with them is not about me. The time on the back 40 is not about me wrapping my ego in the New Age cloak of building relationship with the end result being an expectation of what can be done for me.

The time spent on the back 40 is to simply get to know my land neighbors and beings, for me to introduce myself to them and give them a chance to know me. This is a time for me to show up as just myself, with my dog and with no agendas. This is a time for me to demonstrate my goodwill and cordiality, as one neighbor to another.

Will they accept me as a good neighbor? Who knows, time will tell.

If you have not met your neighbors of the land, I encourage you to do so. Spring is a perfect time to do this! If you don't know where or how to start meeting your non-human neighbors, I can help. Set up an introductory call and let's talk!

Here's To New Beginnings,Janet