Door Etiquette For Pets At Halloween

A big safety hazard for your animal pals at Halloween is the frequent opening and closing of the door. So let's talk door etiquette this Halloween - no, I don’t mean for you, but for your animal pals. The doorbell ringing, kids knocking on the door, the peculiar and strange costumes and the unusual sounds and smells can throw your animal pal in a tizzy. And for sure, you don’t want them to look at that open door as an invitation to run and explore all of that unusual stuff, or to have them dart out in fear and perhaps get lost. How about giving them their own retreat center this year during prime trick or treating hours this Halloween? The retreat center has food and water for them, favorite toys, their blanket or pillow and a kitty litter box. How lush does that sound? You can also close the curtains or shades in the room and if your buddy is used to listening to music, turn on their favorite music.  And of course, the door to this retreat center is closed, keeping them safe and sound.

Check out this video for more successful ways to manage door etiquette on Halloween.

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