Love And Your Pet

Are you aware of just how much support and care you give your animal pals who are living with you right now? You may not be aware of how you’re there for your animals 24/7, because it’s what you do, how you roll at your house. You do it because that’s what you do.

So let me mirror back to you just a *little bit* of what you do:

  • You feed them and make sure they always have fresh water

  • You make sure they get exercise

  • You play with them

  • You listen for their vocalizations, you listen for their silence

  • You provide medical care for them

  • You always manage to find your Houdini cat who has gone into hiding because they heard the word ‘vet’ and are they are showing their displeasure by hiding

  • You throw your dog’s favorite ball a million and one times, and then again

  • There are ALWAYS treats and toys for your animal buddies

And you’re always shocked when you realize that not everyone who lives with animals treats them like this!


You’re delighted to be able to provide your animal pals with so much love and a stable environment and yet sometimes you can’t help but think….

……..”is there something they want that I’m not aware of? Do they want me to do something different, something more or less than what I’m currently doing?"

It’s heart-and-gut-wrenching when that thought sneaks up on you, and it’s also no wonder it crosses your mind from time to time. Why? Because you love them so much and want only what is the best for them. It’s only natural that you would question yourself.

I totally get that, I’ve been there with my own boys.

And I can help.


I help you by listening to your concerns and worries, sharing them with your animal pal and then letting you know their responses to your concerns.

And when you have that information directly from them, you’re going to feel heartened and reassured, emboldened to make any changes they may have requested of you.

When you know what their message is to you, you can start changing their world. Because you know you’re doing what they want. How does it get any better than that?

If you’re having one of those heart-and-gut-wrenching times when you’re questioning yourself about if your animal pals want any changes made to their routines, let’s talk. Schedule a free discovery call with me to find out how you, your animal pals and I can work together.

Here's to New Beginnings,