Activating the word 'change'

I've been having an argument with myself - have you ever done that? I keep arguing about what I *need* to do, and what I *want* to do. Unfortunately, this argument happens quite frequently in my life, so often that, as much as I hate to admit it, the argument feels quite familiar, like a comfortable, long-time worn out shoe. My nose has been to the grindstone and more and more, the what I *want* to do has been getting the short shrift in this argument.

Until the other day I decided if I wanted to change the outcome of the argument, I needed to change: do things differently, get away from the oblivious, knee-jerk way I was doing my work. It was no longer enough to say I wanted change, or to write items in my journal or schedule and then ignore them.

I needed to CHANGE. <deep breath, white knuckles>

I wanted to CHANGE. <deep breath, white knuckles>


Long story short, I turned my schedule upside down. Instead of getting out of bed, gobbling down breakfast and heading instantly to the computer, I now keep the mornings free for me. That means the activities that give me life - music, journaling, creating, playing with my inks and fountain pens, caring for the plants, spending time with Raven and Max and taking Max for walks on the 'back 40' now have priority.

And you know what? I feel ever so much more relaxed and less frantic about getting everything done. The result is that with my new office hours, I am more refreshed and relaxed, more focused and more productive in my work. It feels like I have more time with clients, even though the sessions are still the same in length. My tranquil approach apparently has added more time to my day!

The sixty-four thousand dollar question(s) for you:

  • Are you ready to turn your life upside down once and for all and make some life giving changes when it comes to your relationship with animals?

  • Are you ready to prioritize living in conscious and respectful ways with the animals in your home and in your neighborhood?

  • Are you ready to approach life in a way that emphasizes relationship-with, instead of power-over?

If you are being nudged to do any of the above, let's talk. Because here's the thing: by walking my path of supporting positive relationship between humans and animals, more animals and people are helped, which benefits all species involved, which makes the world a better place for our animal kin and for ourselves.

Here's To New Beginnings,