Pet Grief: The Sound of Being Alive

Today is the 17 year anniversary of helping my first animal pal, Pookie, transition over. You can read more about our journey together here. As I said in that post, I learned a lot from Pookie. And thankfully, I keep learning. I learn from my animal family that has passed (see blog posts below) and I learn from my grief with each passing. Each time one passes and I'm left behind, it's like experiencing pet grief for the first time.

I'm also a fervent reader. Recently I stumbled across a book that gave me a totally new perspective on grief, The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise.

We tend to grieve in solitude and silence, pulling ourselves inward and not reaching out to community. In the book, the author Martín Prechtel talks about the importance of grieving in community, something that is not often done in our society; he calls grief the sound of being alive.

Grief Is The Sound Of Being Alive

So on this 17 year anniversary on the passing of my beloved cat Pookie, I ask you to be my grief community, helping me to remember Pooks. Helping me to remember the good times we had, the sorrow we shared and what it felt like for me to be left behind when she transitioned. I ask that you help me celebrate Pookie's life by sharing your own grief stories in the comments. Even in grief, let's allow the sounds of being alive support us.

Here's To New Beginnings,