What Do Pets Think of Dressing Up For Halloween?

Just like the Great Pumpkin, this Great Debate occurs yearly – should I, or should I not, dress up my animal pal for Halloween? Actually, the question is not ‘should I dress my animal pal for Halloween?’, but ‘does my animal pal want to dress up for Halloween?’.

Generally speaking, humans like to dress in costume. In communicating with the animals the greatest majority (as high as 98%) tell me they dislike it and often only endure it to please their human.

How Can I Tell If Fido/Fluffy Doesn't Want To Wear A Costume?

Yes, I know, there are animals who love, love, LOVE to dress up and be in costume on a regular, if not daily basis. You might even have some in your family. However, If Rover is giving you that ‘hang-dog’ look, if Fluffy is giving you that feline stink eye that would terrify a vampire, if your animal pal is running away from you or fighting you when you’re trying to dress her/him up for Halloween, they don’t want to be in costume. With these behaviors they are expressing their wants in the best way they know.

Now, if your diva pal does enjoy wearing costumes, be sure the costume is not confining, it allows them to breathe, move, see, hear, bark and go potty. Be sure there’s no tempting attachments that can be easily chewed or swallowed - like buttons.

And here’s a thought - have a practice run with the costume before Halloween. This gives your animal pal a chance to experience it and get used to it, and it gives you a chance to check everything out, making sure it’s a safe costume for your animal pal.

Here's a 5 minute video that addresses this topic a little more deeply.

Here's To New Beginnings,