Pets and Halloween Decorations

Do you have your house decorated for Halloween yet? If so, I bet your animal pal is having a delicious time exploring the new ‘toys’ you have put out just for her/him - which of course, you didn’t! Here are some things to keep in mind to keep your animal pal AND the decorations safe this Halloween. Streamers, fake spider webs, wires and cords for electrical decorations can look like marvelous things to chew. Be sure these are out of reach to your animal pal. And be sure to think about what ‘out of reach’ means to your animal pal. I know I live with 2 cats who are very creative about getting to those items I have so thoughtfully and carefully placed ‘out of reach’. And of course, keep in mind wagging tails, curious cats and burning candles don’t mix.

Keep all candy and treats away from your animal pal. Should a foil wrapper fall on the floor, be sure to discard it immediately so Fluffy/Rover doesn’t chew it and it becomes stuck in their digestive track.

Take a look at this short video that has some more ideas about keeping both your animal family and the decorations safe!

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