Podcast: Our Changing Relationship As Animals Age


On this episode of the Reawaken Right Relationship podcast,  we’re talking about our senior animal pals, not only how our lives change as we minister to their needs but also the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional toll that care taking can take on us caretakers. With advances in veterinary medicine, the addition of holistic care and alternative modalities such as acupuncture and chiropractic, and general improvements in how we care for our animals, it follows that pets are living longer. Instead of simply being a dog, a cat, a rabbit or a horse that is kept outside and left to face the elements on their own, our animals are now valued family members who share our homes.

Having more time with our beloved animals brings us much joy, yet because of their increased life span, living with and tending to them has gotten more complicated. This brings along its own special set of problems that weren’t as prevalent a decade or so ago.

Yet senior animal pals offer their own special set of joys. You'll hear how one senior canine helped a young girl who hadn't talked since her dad was diagnosed with cancer, how another senior canine drags her mom down the street and then plays chase in the backyard and how another wise girl helps her mom understand the value of hand signals when she starts to lose her hearing.

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