The Return of the Listeners: A Story

Are you ready to step into your role as a Listener? This post is actually a unit from the beginning animal communication classes I teach. It's a story about how we humans lost our ability to communicate with animals, and how it is now returning. This story came to me one day in meditation: it came suddenly, completely and in one setting. I was explicitly told this story is to be told and retold as it’s not a story for one; it is a story for all, and one I invite you to share.

A Story: The Return of the Listeners

Once, long ago, in a different time and in a different place, far away from what your memory can bring forward today, there was a little girl who spoke to the animals.

This was not unusual in her culture, nor was it unusual in the world and the times in which she lived. Everyone was a Listener who talked to the animals, the stones, the trees, the water, the air; and everything – everything - answered the human creatures.

This was a time of connection and community, a time of pulling all Creation into the Circle of One, the Circle of Light, the Circle of Love and the Circle of Life.

This little girl, named Ajkanstaska, had a gift of communication that went far beyond the everyday words the other humans spoke with the creatures and the elements. Ajkanstaska had the ability to listen deeply to what the creatures were saying.

Ajkanstaska listened to the essence of the creatures, the essence of the elements. Ajkanstaska listened to their very souls, their very spirits. She gave all she connected with the gift of feeling accepted, of feeling “at-one” with all, and feeling “at-one” with themselves.

She listened to those who weren't heard; to those no others would or could listen to. She listened with a depth that went beyond the ordinary, with a depth of clarity that few others of her time chose to use.

She spoke rarely, instead inviting those with whom she came in contact to enter into her Circle of Listening. Those that did, came out changed - some in small ways, some in large ways. But they were all changed because of Ajkanstaska's listening.

One day Ajkanstaska was in a grove of trees, listening to the creatures, the elements, and what the earth had to tell her. This was not a loud cacophonous sound; it was the rustling of the leaves, the low breath of the trees, the sighing of the water, the thumm-thumm-thumm of the stones and boulders, the singing of the animals. All created a rich tapestry of sound, layer upon layer of beautiful song. Each layer fit with the others, as though it was meant to be, which indeed it was.

While listening to the different threads of the sound, Ajkanstaska began to pick out a sadness among some of the lines.

The trees, beautiful in their wind dance, sung a song of sadness. Fewer and fewer humans were listening to their beautiful tales and stories, stories that would help people stand firm, yet bend and dance with the winds that passed through their lives.

The animals, a full choir of barks, howls, growls, meows, roars, bubblings, rumblings and twitterings, sang a song of sadness. “Soon people will no longer listen to us - we will be seen as simply dumb animals who have no wisdom, courage, knowledge, or valor to share.”

The thrumm-thrumm-thrumm of the rocks and boulders began to still, until their beautiful deep vibrations no longer shored the sounds of the others. The others’ song became lost without the deep vibrations of the stones to anchor their tunes. Sounds were stilled to the point of exhaustion.

The beautiful symphony of Life had stopped. The beautiful symphony of the World was no longer. The beautiful teachings of the Mother were stilled, lost and buried.

Ajkanstaska heard the change in the world. She heard the stillness of the creatures descend, and a curtain of silence enveloped the world. Except for the humans. The humans talked more and more, louder and louder, faster and faster in their desperate need to fill the silent void that now lay upon the earth. They learned they could not, with their voices alone, fill the emptiness that now covered the earth in a death shroud of silence.

In trying to fill the empty space where the creatures and the animals once joyously spoke and sang, filling the world with beautiful sounds of connection, the humans became desperate, yelling, shouting and screaming until no human heard another human.

The sound was deafening, yet nothing was being said. The world was a desert, waiting for the Listeners to return.

That is where the world is today. It is not necessary to wait any longer, for the Listeners have begun to return. You are a Listener, you are Ajkanstaska, back again in life form to listen to the creatures and elements who are not heard. You have eons and eons of experience of listening to those who are not heard. It is time to bring that experience to the forefront, and listen the way back to harmony.

In doing that, you do your part of restoring the natural balance of the earth, the balance that only the participation of all creatures and elements can restore for humans.

This is your story. Your story is to listen to the stories of those who are not heard and then tell those stories. Your perception of yourself will be expanding. As you begin to connect with the animals, right relationship will be restored to earth, and the void will again be filled by the beautiful sounds of all.

Here's To New Beginnings,