What Takes Place In An Animal Communication Session

I have a story to share with you. I think you may already know parts of it - how my dog Max was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in the spring of 2018 and how we’ve been following holistic, alternative and allopathic courses which help Max as this disease progresses. But the other day something occurred that scared the bejeezus out of me.

Usually there are precursors to one of his episodes: panting, pacing, stress yawning, starring off into space. These harbingers tell me it’s time to help him before the episode gets full blown.

But not the other day.

One second Max was fine and the next he was ‘gone’. 

Literally. Boom. One second fine, the next, not fine.


I was in panic mode as I alternately walked with him and placed my hands on strategic points on his body to help ground him.

We needed help. Because touching him and holding him has such a profound effect, I reached out to one of my colleagues, Sage Lewis, who works with the Tellington TTouch® Training.

For a change, I was on the other side of the phone: the one seeking support instead of the one providing support.

We had a great session.

Max and I always talk, but hearing from him in Sage’s voice allowed me to take his words into my body, not just hearing the words in my head.

I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I needed to have another human give me both space and permission to allow everything from that session into my body and to witness for me what was occurring.

By doing this, Sage freed me up to be fully focused on Max’s needs and desires.

It was cathartic, scary and liberating.

Because there is nothing like another person witnessing your experience and supporting you at the same time.

I was free to cry (I did), I was free to dance around the experience, moving further away from it when needed and returning to it when I could (I did).

And someone was there the entire time, sensing my needs before I knew them myself and saying “You’re not alone in this”. 

What an empowering experience.


That it’s more than *just* hearing from your animal, it’s the support you receive before, during and after the session so that you are able to take in and digest what occurred during the session. You are not left alone, wondering ‘now what’?

Community, support and witnessing are vital elements that are often missing from our lives.

With those elements included in an animal communication session, you are able to become stronger and more sure than you ever thought you could be.

You are left in a stronger position to help and advocate for your animal pal, in whatever way s/he needs it.

There’s no more trying to figure it out yourself, there’s no more spinning your wheels, trying different things and still not seeing the results you so badly want and your animal pal needs.

Together we build right relationship between you and your animal.

I support you and your animal pal through 1:1 communications and 1:1 mentoring. I both hear and listen to you and your animal with compassion and empathy. I speak in confidence with honesty and integrity in a way that helps to build the relationship between you and your animal pal(s). I assist you with my specialized skill sets, helping you create the circumstances where you are actually living out the hopes, dreams and love you share with your animal pal(s).

In a nutshell, I help you and your animal pal come into right relationship, whatever that means specifically for the two of you.


If you’re ready to take that deep dive and get started today with a 1:1 session, you can schedule here. If you’re intrigued but want to find out more about what’s involved, schedule your free discovery call and let’s talk about your concerns and questions. Be prepared to have a relationship with your animal that is way more than you ever thought it could be!

Here's To New Beginnings,