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Jeannine and Vi

"[Janet] helped me see that I was scared of losing Vi and so I was putting my stories and fears on her...and it was detrimental to our relationship-and her quality of life. Violet wasn't feeling any of that! Once I got that, I shifted. And we started having fun again!"

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Connie and Lily

"Wanted to let you know that I am fully focused on breathing when with Lily. She seems to like it, but the biggest difference is with her pasture mate, Mia! She does not let us touch her for more than a minute and I have been able to groom her and even work a significant knot out of her mane at liberty! I found an equine chiropractor to work on Lily too. More to come. Thank you!"

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Marissa and Max

“ Janet was able to connect with Max so easily, and give me not only assurance of Max’s emotional well-being, but also insight into some of his wishes and behaviors. My session with Janet strengthened the bonds of understanding and friendship we have with Max. Janet is down-to-earth, professional, and compassionate, and her respect for the animal as a partner in the conversation set the tone for a very beneficial–and beautiful–experience. Thank you, Janet!”

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An Audience With The Advisory Council


“Okay, WOWZERS! A lot to absorb. Very wise words from these 3. Much to ponder and I must say that I agree.  Love this new service. I think it is going to be really amazing for those who embrace it.”

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“For all you skeptics (one of which I was) Read on!

“Janet Roper is the real deal, she told me things about my little cat - who is chronically ill that she could not possibly have known and this has made an enormous impact upon my sense of helplessness in decision making about her care.”

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Reawaken Right Relationship Podcast

From Podcast Listeners:

“Well done and informative. The topics are many and always informative and interesting. I really enjoy the show and look forward to it.”

“What I enjoy about the show is no matter how much I think I know about animals and animal communication, I always learn something new! The show is informative and delightfully fun with Janet and her guests.”

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“AH Janet this #epicfail series (when communication doesn’t go the way you want) in your emails and blog are so beautifully real, thank you for sharing these humbling experiences. What wonderful reminders that presence and love are the only true ways to open up to connection with any sentient being :)”


Linda and Allen Anderson

“Janet Roper is a gifted animal communicator who helps bridge the worlds between animals and humans. She opens a deep spiritual communication and as a compassionate listener is able to encourage pets and other animals to communicate openly with her. Janet is also an accomplished talented writer with her inspirational stories published in popular anthologies.”


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