Did you know the beyond-human beings are looking for people Just. Like. You?!

People who are ethical, authentic and willing to stand with them. To accept them as the equals they are.

You are intuitive, you love the beyond-human beings, you want what is best for them. and you strive to continue learning, so that you can build and create right relationship with them.

But sometimes it’s hard to be you because the rest of the world doesn’t get your kindhearted yet principled perspective. People like you aren’t as common as we’d like in today’s world.

I’ve had an animal reading with my little girl in the past with another animal communicator but it was no comparison to the reading I had with Janet! Janet was spot on with understanding what my dog was feeling and thinking. I am so grateful for the wonderful information Janet provided and the advice she gave regarding some of the issues my little girl was experiencing. I’m glad I had the opportunity to book a session with her.
— Eileen

I Believe In You…

And I can help you…
I help women expand their horizons to embrace right relationship with beyond-human sentient beings, so that your principles, kindheartedness and integrity aren’t swallowed up, despite the world’s opinion.

Intrigued? Below are the ways we can work together. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out, let’s talk!


Starting Out

If you’re new to the world of right relationship here’s a good place to start - my treasure trove of ‘on the house’ online resources.

The Advisory Council

My animal helpers Shiloh, Teddy and Raven have created an advisory council to answer questions you have for yourself. How cool is that?

Wanted to let you know that I am fully focused on breathing when with Lily.  She seems to like it, but the biggest difference is with Mia!  She does not let us touch her for more than a minute and I have been able to groom her and even work a significant knot out of her mane at liberty!  I found an equine chiropractor to work on Liky too.  More to come.  Thank you!
— Connie

1:1 Sessions

The foundation of my practice since day one, but with a new twist. These sessions are now no more than 40 minutes, allowing you to get the information you need & move on.

Divination Reading

We can get so lost in our everyday world that we lose our connection with that still, small inner voice of wisdom and truth. This is where a divination card reading can help.