We Are All Connected

It’s not just about being in right relationship with sentient beings, but tending those relationships. Because authentic relationship is created from more than wishful thinking or letting the relationship run its own course.

The team consists of one human, one horse and a cat and we help you expand your horizons to embrace right relationship with beyond-human sentient beings.

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AH Janet this #epicfail series (when communication doesn’t go the way you want) in your emails and blog are so beautifully real, thank you for sharing these humbling experiences. What wonderful reminders that presence and love are the only true ways to open up to connection with any sentient being :) 
— Zoe

I have collected wisdom through years of varied experience

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I Am An Animist, An Elder And A Communicator

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Janet is truly a wise woman in this field; her loving heart of service dedicated to the strengthening and betterment of our relationships with the animal kingdom shines through all that she shares.
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Thank you so much for the session with Buddy. It was a very powerful experience for me and was a huge help as some changes in my life occurred the following day and I have been very emotional over the last 48 hrs. I really appreciate the card it made me tear up. I’m so appreciative for your support. The session definitely helped me gain perspective on things going on around me and I think helped me in the grief process. I will definitely reach out if I need anything else. Again thank you so much for facilitating that wonderful time for me to share with Buddy.
— A Client

So many ways to work together.

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I appreciate the advice you gave me and am really happy you’ve condensed it into this email for future reference.  It was a pleasure to meet you and your pals, you all made my day!
— Polly and kitties