Life is all about building up relationship and tending to those relationships.

This includes building relationship with the beyond-human beings, like animals, plants, water, the sky and even systems. At the heart of this is respect for those beings and their own agency plus recognition of the connection that exists between all beings.

Here’s a little bit about me, and my team.

Me & Murphy kids.jpg

I have always been enthralled with relationship, communication and sound.

That fascination started as a youngster with my love for music which led me to becoming a professional musician. That was followed by becoming a teacher, a spiritual director, an animal communicator and most recently, an animist, spiritual activist and elder.

Hi there, I’m Janet Roper and I help women expand their horizons to embrace right relationship with beyond-human sentient beings.


A little bit more about me….

Truthfully, the enthrallment I mentioned above is probably entrenched in my DNA, and it probably doesn’t hurt that I’m an extrovert, an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs, an Aquarius and a 7 on the Enneagram. And Hufflepuff. In the world of Harry Potter, I’m in the Hufflepuff House, which is the most inclusive among the four houses.

I adore music, especially music that has a good fiddle line. After all, I was a professional violinist in my earlier days. I love to read fiction and have recently discovered the joy of graphic novels. When I grow up, I want to have my own dragon and be a dragonrider!

I am cheerfully owned and managed by one cat, Raven, one dog, Max, a multitude of angel animals and several houseplants.

So what do you think? Are you ready to step into your uniquely you self? If so, here’s the various ways we can work together.

Shiloh portrait close up.jpg

In the work I do, it is commonplace to work with allies, guides, helpers and ancestors.

While all of them are special in their own way, I’d like to introduce you to two who have a particularly unique and memorable place in my heart - Shiloh and Raven

Shiloh is an Angel Animal, having crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December, 2015. We were together for 18+ years. Shiloh is ‘living’ proof that a relationship can exist beyond death, and the love and guidance that relationship provides is based on connection, not physicality or proximity.

Cat Raven portrait.jpeg

Raven is my 14 year old cat, and we’ve lived together for 13.5 years.

He is always, always aware of what’s going on.

Raven is an observer, a space-holder. In his own words: “I feel this is my strong point: knowing what’s going on with people and supporting them as best I can.

“I am not interested in teaching like Shiloh does. I want to support people as they are learning animal communication. I feel that is my strong point: knowing what’s going on with people and supporting them as best I can. But, like Shiloh, if you would like my support, you must ask me. I will not go where I am not invited”.

teddy  865x?.png

Angel Dog Teddy - the one who led me to animal communication.

Teddy is the greeter, the one who wants to make sure everyone is comfortable and at ease. In his words: “It is important that people feel relaxed and secure, otherwise they might worry about what’s happening and that would not be good! I let people know it’s OK to hang out with me, I help them forget about themselves and what is worrying them.”